Campaign / Petition / Call Out for ACTION

As Australians living on or near the VIC/SA Border, we are fed up with being collateral damage due to city centric decisions when it comes to closing the VIC/SA border, permit systems, and communication. The virus should be fought along community lines, not state lines.

The current ‘associating with’ clause is adversely affecting communities & businesses on BOTH sides of the border!  The Cross Border Community has been hardest hit over the past 18 months – our lives have been immensely disrupted, people’s mental health has suffered, families have been torn apart, patients have missed important medical treatments, businesses have closed, and some are still struggling due to the permit & exemption systems, and we are all living in fear of another hard border closure.

We respectfully wish to RAISE SEVERAL ISSUES with you, and our advocate, Paula Gust is available for a meeting.

– Professor Brett Sutton, Victorian Chief Health Officer
– The Hon Daniel Andrews MP, Premier of Victoria
– Mr. Luke Wilson, the Victorian Cross Border Commissioner
– Professor Nicola Spurrier, Chief Public Health Officer for SA Health
– The Hon Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia
– Grant Stevens APM, Commissioner of Police, South Australia
– Shane Patton, Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police
– The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia