Border closures & the impact on local Sporting communities

  • How do the VIC/SA border closures affect you and the sport you play?
  • With the lockdowns/border closures, how is your sporting club affected?
  • As CBCM’s, do you believe we are being considered/treated fairly, given there have been NO cases anywhere near our border?
  • Are your kids missing out on playing sport with their peers due to the border restrictions?
  • SA clubs with CBCM’s – how many volunteers (to help run the club) are restricted and can’t be a part of their club, fulfilling their normal rostered duties, in times like lockdowns?

The purpose of this form & the info you submit will enable us to take the ‘data’ (facts, figures, comments, albeit anonymous) to the decision makers, and fight to set up changes so our CBCM sporting groups are NOT disadvantaged and forgotten in the border closure / lockdown debacle.

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